Our Team

Arif Kazi

Founder/Group Leader

     Arif started running at the age of 28 to make a lifestyle change. Not only did he overcome health issues, but fell in love with running.

     4-time Marathon finisher including New York City and Chicago Marathon.

    Arif was featured on Channel 11 news “Devotion to Faith and Country” for running 10K while fasting for Ramadan.

    Arif wants to use his experience and help his community to overcome mental and health issues.

Laila Kashlan

Social Media Director / Group Leader

  Growing up as an overweight child, Laila struggled with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, in 2009, Laila started running to maintain her physical fitness for her high school Physical Education (PE) class. Little did she know that she will fall in love with running and adopt it as a lifestyle and sport.

     Laila completed four half marathons and plans to run her first marathon soon. With the help of AMRC, Laila wants to motivate young girls to adopt healthier lifestyles and learn to love themselves through running. As our social media director, Laila has created several videos and challenges.

Check out her experience with running the Peachtree Road Race while fasting by clicking the link to this video: https://youtu.be/vEWp7Ke-7mc  

Ahmed Khan

Marketing Director

A busy dad and an IT professional, Ahmed started long distance running in 2014. This was prompted by GoRuck training with his coworkers, a team building expedition. Ever since he has completed multiple 5ks, 10ks, one 15K and a 2 half marathons, including Red Top Mountain Half Marathon. Having a social services volunteering background, Ahmed loves to run for charities and social causes.


A believer in the power of running to improve physical and mental strength, Ahmed promotes running in the community to people of all ages and backgrounds. 

Nura Goodson

Assistant Captain

Nura Goodson has always run to stay in shape but had never run over 3 miles until 2013 when she joined Atlanta Track Club.

    In 2014,  she challenged herself to run every race in Atlanta Track Club's Grand Prix series. Her passion for running was forming and Alhumdulillah she was proving to be a strong runner. She finished number 3 in the Grand Prix Series for her age group.

    Nura did not see a strong representation of covered Muslimahs at local races, this inspired her to form a run group called Muslimahs Run, now known as Muslimahs Endure. Muslimahs Endure serves over 200 women through their run, swim and cycle programs. Nura also serves as race director for the WOW Run 5k and is a certified USATF Level 1 Run Coach.

    In addition, she has teamed up with her mother, Safiyyah Sabir, to launch a modest activewear clothing line.

    Nura believes that running can change lives for the better. And it is her mission to share it with her community. 



Khadija Bens


Khadija is an elementary school teacher. She says it takes a lot of energy working with kids. Fitness gives her the chance to stay active and be able to keep up with her kindergartners.

"I believe that God has granted us with this body and it is our responsibility to take care of it. An active lifestyle has kept me happy and in control. I love the feeling of leaving all my stress behind and going on a run to free my mind".

Holly Jiménez


Holly has been a competitive distance runner since 7th grade. She ran Division I Cross Country and Track at College of Charleston. She is a four-time Boston marathon qualifier, still competing in distances from the 5k and up. With over 10 years of experience coaching middle and high school runners, Holly hopes to encourage others to share in her passion.

Amr Omar


Habib Dim Ashogbon

 Habib is not a traditional runner, he started out playing competitive soccer from elementary school till he graduated college. Habib began running to help keep in shape for professional soccer. Things just never worked as he planned, but his curiosity of how far, fast, and hard he can push himself with running kept him running.

Habib runs sub 3-hour marathons. He ran Boston Marathon in 2017 and now is qualified to run NYC marathon in 2018.